1,000 Hits Club!

  How many reps should you be getting a month? We encourage you to stay focused and put in your time and work! Here is a calendar you can print off and track your reps for the month of December. All reps count: tee drills, front toss, swings in the mirror, side toss, self toss. Remember how you spend your time and energy will directly impact your performance. Swing it! 1000 reps!!!! Coaches and players please share with us on social media using the hashtag #preps1000   Download your PDF printable calendar here! 

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How much time should I be spending on my softball skills?

    The answer is pretty simple. Where you spend your time and energy is where you see results. Look at your buddies who are successful and take notes of what they DO. Doing = spending time: I have a friend who spends a lot of her time doing CrossFit. Guess what? Her body is rock solid and is strong! It hasn't always been this way. She had to work for it! I have another friend who joined ACT prep classes for college and has raised her Act score by 4 points! Now she will be earning academic money for college. Before she would be paying herself! There is no secret to their success. These friends put the time and work in to improve and their results show. You are what you DO. Here is a recommended hitting workout that can be done in 20-25 minutes and you can get [...]

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Tribute to the Queen

Today is a sad day with the passing of Aretha so I thought it was only fitting to spend some time with her today. I first came to love the Queen as a little girl listening to her as my mother would task my brother and into cleaning the house. Our mother introduced us to all of Motown, but Aretha will always be the queen. Here's my favorite Aretha song. Here's my second fav song. Have a great day today and celebrate the Queen ;) -Lisa

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Five things to consider prior to tryouts for the 2018-2019 Season

To some I would venture to say the thought of navigating tryouts is a lot to process and to think about in weighing team options. I have shared five thoughts that I feel are important to think about and consider in planning. Does the team focus on practice and development? Practicing and training as a team is key and creates a high softball IQ. Teams that practice together perform at a higher level. Going to lessons and taking private instruction is not enough to develop. Teams must practice as a team consistently throughout the year to prepare for higher level softball. Where is the team practicing and what access to facilities does the team have? How many players are on the roster? You will want a team that has depth to compete at a high level. Being on a team that is constantly picking up players every weekend is not [...]

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Events in 2018

Hello from Preps and Happy Holidays! December is a time to spend with family, reflect and be thankful for the year. As this year winds down a new year is on the horizon and we have exciting happenings planned for 2018 in an effort to bring some really cool, exclusive experiences to our community. Below you will find a list of events we are bringing to you so you are able to save the date or register as spots will fill! If you have questions about our events please email us at Thank you, Lisa Pinkston and Staff          

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Welcome Morgan Foley to our team!

We are please to announce and would like to welcome Morgan Foley to our team at Softball Preps. Morgan Foley graduated from Assumption High School in 2012 and received a scholarship as a pitcher to the University of Indianapolis. After graduating from college, Morgan was drafted by the Chicago Bandits and after playing for a season with the Bandits she was traded to the Houston Scrapyard Dogs. In 2017, Morgan and the Scrapyard Dogs won the NPF Championship. In addition to playing in the NPF, Morgan plays professionally in Italy. Morgan will be giving pitching instruction as well as throwing batting practice during her off season (until end of April). If you are interested in scheduling with her contact Morgan via email at

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Fall Announcements

Hello from Lisa, Hope you all have gotten settled into the new school year. Fall brings new energy, new challenges and new goals. Sometimes the fall can be overwhelming with things like:  aging up to a new age division, getting to know new teammates, a new school, college recruiting or life in general. One thing to remember is that the game of softball is still just that...a game. Don't over think what it's all about. Keep it simple. Make sure you set some goals for yourself for the fall. Work every week to improve your game. And remember in the end good things happen to those who put the time and work in. Success doesn't happen when you show up to practice with your teammates. It happens during those intimate moments at home in the basement/garage/barn when no one is watching or keeping you accountable. We're excited for the fall [...]

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Need more reps? Advanced All Skills- Registration now open (Session II)

Registration is now open for "All Skills" Prep School every Tuesday night this fall. Date: Every Tuesday from October 24th-November 28th Time: 6:00-7:30pm Location: The Green- 4500 Champions Trace Lane and our indoor facility at Assumption High School. Ages: 10-18 Cost: $150 (6- 90 minute sessions) Skills: The Advanced "All Skills" clinic will include 90 minutes of intense and high energy specific position work for all positions (infield, outfield and catching). The clinic will be led by Lisa Pinkston and former college softball players including Jordan McNary (Louisville). Guest coaches and players from University of Louisville, Bellarmine, St. Louis University, WKU will join during the 6 weeks. Glove work, range drills, footwork, arm conditioning Live Hitting Base running Position specific instruction (Below are a few clips from last fall workouts)     [wpvideo QSCGMsjc]     [wpvideo XOsfGh4D]

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Do you understand the strike zone?

It’s amazing that players who have been playing for years do not truly understand the strike zone. Below is 9 year- old Addison Alford learning the strike zone for the first time. Coaches, give your players(regardless if they are 9 or 19 years old) a visual on what pitch is a strike and what pitch is a ball. Teach them how to make proper decision. If you swing at a good pitch, the chances of hitting it solid increases. Guess what happens when you swing at a bad pitch? Not a very good chance at hitting it solid. Players need to understand their zone. They need to understand which pitches are more challenging pitches to hit and which pitches they can take for a ride! Understanding the zone will help players make a good decision in managing their at bats. For example, if the count is 2-0 and an outside [...]

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How should your swing look like at contact point?

Answer these two questions. How should your swing look like at contact point? Below is a video of our player Madison Davis “showing off her muscle” at contact point. You will notice at contact her arm is bent in an “L shape”. Her arm is NOT fully extended at contact.   What doe extension mean? Below is a video of our player Bailey Schmidt “pushing through the door” to extension after contact. It is important to see that extension happens AFTER contact.   Good luck! -Lisa January 15, 2016

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