The answer is pretty simple. Where you spend your time and energy is where you see results. Look at your buddies who are successful and take notes of what they DO.

Doing = spending time:

I have a friend who spends a lot of her time doing CrossFit. Guess what? Her body is rock solid and is strong! It hasn’t always been this way. She had to work for it!

I have another friend who joined ACT prep classes for college and has raised her Act score by 4 points! Now she will be earning academic money for college. Before she would be paying herself!

There is no secret to their success. These friends put the time and work in to improve and their results show. You are what you DO.

Here is a recommended hitting workout that can be done in 20-25 minutes and you can get 60 swings.

Equipment needed:

Net, tee, bat, balls.

X 5 regular swings off tee

X 5 stop at contact

X 5 stop at extension

X 5 crossover (front leg over back leg0

X 5 front leg up “flamingo” stride out

X 5 both feet face pitcher working barrel up the middle

X 10 back hand to extension

X 10 front hand to extension

X 10 self- toss fungo

Put in the work and results will come. It doesn’t happen overnight and at times there are setbacks and you can start questioning yourself, but over the course of time success will happen. Trust it. If you need help with a plan this off season come see me. My online calendar can be found here. 

-Lisa 🙂